National Alignment: Neutral Evil

Capital: Caliphas

Ruler: Prince Aduard Ordranti III

Government: Loose confederacy of counties

Nation Summary:

The Immortal Principality of Ustalav lies on the northern shore of Lake Encarthan, a grim bastion of civilization surrounded by the barbarian north. A harsh landscape and a history rich in tragedies inspire a wary population to skepticism, religious devotion, and superstition. A conglomeration of loosely affiliated counties run by feuding nobles vying for power and influence, Ustalav is a pitiful shell of its former glory, before it was subjected to centuries of slavery at the hands of the Whispering Tyrant’s undead armies. While the nation’s upper classes struggle to compete with the very nations that abandoned them to fend for themselves after the Whispering Tyrant’s defeat, the average Ustalavic citizen faces far more gruesome realities.

Hundreds of years of subjugation and the residual horrors that plague the countryside have left the people of Ustalav suspicious of magic, religion, foreigners, and even their fellow citizens. Beyond their eccentric and insular qualities, the people of Ustalav often have a dour worldview. They resign themselves to lives of suffering, seeing nothing in their people’s history to suggest there exists any hope for a better life. Despite the physical and psychological strains upon its populace, Ustalav nevertheless fosters extremely hardy and tenacious stock: men and women who firmly believe that no matter how bad it gets, history shows it could always be worse.
Although Ustalav has little to offer its rural peasants, inhabitants of its many metropolitan areas fare somewhat better, and the centers of learning and culture they provide draw trade and travelers from throughout the Inner Sea region. The capital, Caliphas, stands on the banks of Lake Encarthan, and its fog-shrouded streets host some of the nation’s most esteemed trade and academic establishments. In the north, the city of Karcau boasts a thriving culture of music, theater, and other fine arts, and its opulent architecture rivals the excesses of even the most exotic Taldan palace. Meanwhile, Ustalav’s northwestern counties have broken from aristocratic
rule and formed their own local, democratic government without nobles, calling themselves the Palatinates and providing a glimmer of hope for the downtrodden people of provincial Ustalav.

Counties of Ustalav














The church of Pharasma is the largest and most active church in Ustalav. The deity Desna also has a high following here, particularly among the descendants of the Varisian wanderers that immigrated there millennia ago. Despite the power and visibility of the church of Pharasma, the Pallid Princess Urgathoa also has a strong but secret following in Ustalav.


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