Dreamers Deep - A Strange Aeon's Campaign

Dopplegangers and Cultists and Eyeballs

I get the feeling that things are not going to improve anytime soon.  Mainly because we are apparently rescuing the rescuers in an asylum.  Of which, we may have been inmates of the asylum as well.  But that's getting a bit ahead.

So, after taking a bit of a rest, we charged ahead to "prove" that we weren't dopplegangers to the guards that have had a bit too much head trauma to really think things through.  I'm trying really hard to not explain to them how they are being dumb, but I don't know if I will end up having that much patience.

Anyway, we continued searching the area away from the "guards," and came into a wash area where there was a chained up ghoul, a dead body, and a raving madman wearing a piss-stained sheet.  He only was able to say a few words – "Zendallas" "Sees" "Praise" "Words" "Fail".  Mix those words up how you like, I think he said pretty much every combination of them.  Killed the ghoul, still not sure what will happen with the live one.  We moved on and encountered someone who was begging for help.  Yeah, was the crazy dopple who we first met trying to torture us.  Unfortunately s/he/it had a friend along.  Things got ugly fast.  We got out of that one by the skin of our teeth, with the exception of the dwarf.  He…I think he died?  But didn't?  He should have been dead anyway.  He has acted "normal" (I think, but hard to tell since I have a whole day as a baseline for what "normal" is, and that includes fire rain), but will have to keep an eye on him.

Found an eyeball that rolls around and looks at you.  So that's a thing.

The guards finally deigned to let us into their special safe area after we did their work for them.  They seem to have one competent person in Winter.  Cleric, but has been needing to withhold resources as she reports that they are trapped on two fronts.  One wing is filled with ghouls.  The other is filled with cultists, lead by the aformentioned Zendallas.  Cultists call themselves Apostles in Orpament, or something like that.  I'd be surprised that I never heard of them, but yeah, lack of memory.

There are many people from the asylum here who have been rescued, such as it is.  Some inmates, some workers.  We got a name for where we are though – Briarstone Isle.  Winter and her people were asked to come here to check things out, and that she was supposed to rendezvous with someone, but didn't have much more information than that.  Currently they are trying to hold out while they wait for someone to notice that they are missing.  Not much of a plan, but I can see where they are coming from, especially trapped and pincered in.  Plus, the weird weather.

There is also talk of the Argus Eye.  Bothering it bothers the patients.  There is a covering on one of the doors out, so we may be disturbing a lot of things in the near future.

Anyway, tried to help people out as much as we could.  Not much for me to do due to lack of resources, but I was able to discern the nature of the Desna statue here.  Staying near it during sleep does prevent some of the bad dreams and influences that appear to be happening elsewhere around here.  Not sure if it is a result of the cultists, or if whatever happened triggered Glorious Leader Z and began everything else.  Not sure if it matters much, really.

So, we're stuck, trying to find a way out.  I'm going to take a nap.



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