Dreamers Deep - A Strange Aeon's Campaign

Adventure Log Rewards for Strange Aeons
Welcome to the Strange Aeons Campaign!

Hello everyone! After several false starts and scheduling conflicts, we are on track to kick the campaign off this Sunday!

I wanted to take a few seconds to talk about the Adventure Log function here on Obsidian Portal and how I will be rewarding the party for updates for the Strange Aeons campaign. For those of you that are unfamiliar (mostly James), this is where the party can record their adventure for later review.

In the past, each post has been worth a set XP value. Over time though, the adventure log always stops getting updated in the later stages of the campaign. The XP values needed to level become quite high, and the relatively small amount of XP awarded for updating the adventure log seems almost not worth it. I'd like to try a new approach by tying the adventure log to something else I haven't been very good at doling out in the past – Character Points.

So, for the Strange Aeons campaign characters will have an opportunity to earn up to 4 Character Points per book of the Adventure Path (there are six total books). The distribution will be as follows:

  • All PCs earn a base 1 Character Point at the successful conclusion of each book of the Adventure Path. It's your reward for overcoming the challenges of the adventure.
  • Characters can also earn up to 1 Character Point per book in the adventure path for excellent role playing or brilliant creativity over the course of that book (excellent roleplaying of madnesses, in-game sacrifices to stay true to character, coming up with and implementing a cunning plan that bypassed or gave the PCs a big advantage in a major encounter or otherwise makes life easier for you, etc).
  • The final 2 Character Points can be earned for the adventure path book if an Adventure Log has been created for every session. If no adventure logs are missed, all PCs will each earn the bonus 2 Character Points. If at least half (but not all) of the sessions have posted adventure logs at the end of the book, all PCs will earn 1 Character Point. If less than half of the sessions have posted adventure logs throughout the adventure path book, then PCs earn 0 Character Points for updating the Adventure Logs.

By the time we get to the final climactic encounter of the Strange Aeons adventure path, PCs will have earned between 7 and 21 Character Points (this total includes the 1 Character Point everyone gets at character creation).

Adventure Logs won't be "due" until 7:00 on the first Sunday that we begin playing in the new AP book, but one adventure log will be needed to record each session played. It will probably be easier to record each log the week after it is played than it would be to try and reconstruct them at the end of each book. Character Point awards for each book will be given before the second session in the new AP book.

My hope is that this schedule creates a reliable way for you to budget how you want to spend Character Points throughout the adventure path. And to provide a reliable method for handing them out without destroying the balance of the game.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

I'm looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday at 7:00!

The Story So Far.....
The Strange Yellow City

You find yourself in a strange yellow city with a handful of other people that you do not know, but whom you nevertheless feel a strange connection to. As you realize that you don't remember who these familiar strangers are, you are also alarmed to discover that you don't even remember your own name or history! Vague shards of memory flicker through your mind but vanish like a mirage when you try to grasp them. You have no memory of how you came to be here, where "here" is, or even how long you have been here. The confusion on the faces of your companions as they look at their unfamiliar surroundings leave you with little doubt that they have as few answers as you do.

Before you can ponder any further or ask questions of your companions, a sickly yellow mist billows around the south corner of the alley that you are standing in. The mist is impenetrable and fills you with foreboding. You don't know how you know it, but that mist contains your doom. As you start to race down the alley and out onto an empty street, the cloud of mist follows relentlessly. It snakes through the alleyway and expands to fill the street behind you and your companions before continuing in your direction like a living predator on the prowl.

Though you don't remember them right now, your companions may be the difference between escaping this strange nightmare city and perishing in a lonely alley in this forsaken and forbidden place….


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