Character Generation


PCs may come from the Core Rulebook or the Advanced Race Guide. No 3rd Party races are allowed without GM approval.

The race that a player chooses for his character must be able to sleep and dream (though threads seem inconclusive online, it appears that elves in Golarion do sleep like all other races).


Characters must be at least in the young adult age category for their race. Playing a character younger than the "young adult" category requires approval from the GM.


There is one important decision that will need to be made at character creation. All beginning PCs begin the game with a brand and/or mark. If your character is not native to Ustalav, he/she bears a brand of a thorny whip with a handle of bone on the underside of his/her left arm. Whether he/she is native to Ustalav or not, he/she bears a small strange glowing yellow mark on the right side of his/her neck near the collar bone. A character not native to Ustalav will have both the brand and the mark, while a native of Ustalav will have only the yellow mark. The appearance of the brand and the mark can be viewed in the media library. In all other respects, the appearance of your character is up to you.


PCs have 20 attribute points with which to generate character statistics using the Pathfinder rules for point-buy character creation. Please keep in mind that we are using Sanity rules in this campaign, in which mental ability scores will play a big role.

Backgrounds and Background Information

Characters may spend their 1st level character point to purchase a background if they wish. Due to the unique nature of this adventure path, all characters will be missing key memories about their past. PCs do retain skills and abilities they gained in the past, but do not remember how they got those skills.

It remains up to the PCs how much of their youth they remember. The one rule that I will enforce is that characters have no recollection of the past 5 – 6 years of their lives. You may choose if you have a few memories from the younger years – such as being born in Oppara or some scattered memories of growing up as part of a merchant family. Perhaps you have fragments of memories of people from your past, but struggle with recalling their names or exactly how they were significant to you. Or perhaps you would simply prefer to be a blank slate – with no memory of any part of your past so that you can be completely surprised by the truth when the mystery of your past is revealed.

We'll collaborate on the specifics of the past 5 – 6 years and some of the blank spaces in the PCs' earlier background when it becomes important to the story. Regardless of how much of your earlier years you remember, you should choose whether or not you are native to Ustalav. Due to the nature of this campaign, you could be from just about anywhere in the Inner Sea region and still fit in to the adventure path.


We will be using the Sanity rules from Horror Adventures since we will be dealing with some Cthulu Mythos things. You won't need to record your sanity information on your sheets if you don't want to. I have a spreadsheet that will track it during game play. And we'll put everyone's Sanity stats up on a marker board during play. Each PC's Sanity Score will be the sum of their Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores. You'll also have a Sanity Threshold (equal to the bonus provided by your highest mental stat). Sanity damage from a single attack that surpasses your Sanity Threshold causes you to gain a madness.

While almost all effects that deal sanity damage are mind-affecting effects, sanity damage will bypass many forms of immunity to mind-influencing effects. The GM has final say over which forms of immunity to mind-affecting effects would protect from sanity damage.


PCs may choose up to 2 traits, including campaign traits unique to the Strange Aeons adventure path. Taking one of the Campaign Traits for the Strange Aeons adventure is highly encouraged, but not manditory. These campaign traits gain additional power later in the campaign.

Starting Cash

Characters gain average starting cash for their class at 1st level.

Deity list:


PCs may come from any of the following Pathfinder Sources:

Core Rulebook
Advanced Players Guide
Advanced Class Guide
Horror Adventures
Occult Adventures
Ultimate Combat
Ultimate Intrigue
Ultimate Magic

PCs may use the Unchained variants on barbarian, monk, and rogue if they desire. No 3rd party classes may be used without GM approval.

Character Points

All PCs begin with 1 character point. 

Hit Points

PCs start with maximum hit points at first level and at subsequent levels gain their miximum -2 on their hit die. For instance, a fighter with a d10 hit die would gain 8 hit points (max of 10 – 2) at second level. Bonus hit points for feats and high Constitution scores add to this value.

Experience Points

We will be using the Medium XP track for the Strange Aeons adventure path.

Character Generation

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